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2016 U.S. Consumer Spending

Cash: $47.3 Billion (-7% from 2010) Checks: $11.2 Billion (-34% from 2010) Credit Cards: $31.4 Billion (+48% from 2010) Debit Cards: $63.8 Billion (+46% from 2010) e-Payments: $13.3 Billion (+45% from 2010)


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Who‘s Who and What’s What? Merchant Processing Flow Chart

How Does Credit Card Processing Work?

What are Interchange Rates and Fees?

In credit card processing, interchange is the money transferred from the acquiring bank to the issuing bank for each bankcard transaction. Interchange fees account for the majority of credit card processing costs and are established by the card brands (Visa, MasterCard, Discover) of open-loop processing systems.

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What Is An Acquiring Bank?

What Is PCI Compliance?

What Is A Merchant Account?

What Are Chargebacks?

What Is An Issuing Bank?

What Is A Merchant Services Provider?

What Is A Front-End Processor?

What Is A Back-End Processor?

What Is An Issuer?

What Is A Merchant?

Can You Provide A Summary Of All Merchant Processing Fees & Rates?

What Is AVS?

What Is An SSL Certificate?

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Current Interchange Rates

Visa Regulated Debit: .05% Visa CPS Card-Not-Present: 1.51% Visa Rewards: 1.65% MasterCard Merit 3: 1.58% MasterCard Elite Merit 1: 2.5% American Express Under $75: 2.15% American Express $75-$999: 2.50% American Express $1,000+: 2.95%

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